ORIGAMI is the Japanese art of paper-folding, and a hobby I occasionally indulge in. Some folders have tried to find a utilitarian niche for their activity (one finds books with titles like Useful Origami and Origami in the Classroom), but in truth it is a rather useless past-time which produces flimsy and often unaesthetic results, hopelessly incommensurate with the amount of trouble and the skill thrown into producing them.

Nonetheless, below are a few links for the foolhardy.

- FASCINATING FOLDS. These kind people supply me from time to time with books and materials that are impossible to find in South Africa. They also have all sorts of useful links.

- ALEX BARBER'S PAGE. Especially useful for its database of Origami diagrams on the Web.

- DANIEL'S PIG. Folding instructions. I designed this pig for a Norwegian friend who collects pigs from around the world. (Not yet available)

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