Many of the services that you will need to make use of are located in the Student Development and Services Department, which has offices in the Chancellor Oppenheimer Building (Upper Campus), the Sports Centre and at the Protem Campus. Student Development and Services Department is organised into 10 sections:

* Undergraduate Financial Aid Office * Student Health Service * Guidance & Counselling Centre * Housing & Residence Life * Sports & Recreation * Student Affairs Treasury * Student Recruitment & Management Services * Disabilty Unit * Student Affairs Secretariat * JOB Opportunities Bureau

The Student Development and Services Department can be contacted at 650-3534/5.

On the more academic side, advice about faculty rules, curriculum changes and other academic requirements may be sought at the Faculty Office. Each faculty will also have curriculum advisors to help students understand what their choices are, and a Faculty Handbook that lists all courses and departments in the faculty.

The Writing Centre, on the fourth floor of the Chancellor Oppenheimer Building (above the food court), offers help with written assignments. Consultations are available by appointment, but if one of the consultants is free, a drop-in consultation is occasionally possible. You can phone the Writing Centre for an appointment: 650-5021.

The library (see Reading at University), the librarians and the student assistants are invaluable resources for all students.

If you are interested in further reading on study methods and skills development, there are some useful books in the library, for example, A Guide to Learning Independently, by Lorraine Marshall & Frances Rowland.

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