These are my very rough and ready notes for the Maru lecture series. Note that reading these notes is not a substitute for attending the lectures – the lectures cover a lot more ground much more thoroughly.


Daniel Roux, University of Cape Town, 29 April 2003.

































Emory University biography of Bessie Head.


Online criticism of Maru

Stan Galloway, “San culture in Bessie Head’s Maru. The representation of San people in Head’s novel.

Sunday Times, “Strange mixture of Maru.” An analysis of the “contrasting sides” of Maru’s character.

Sunday Times, “DAD will help you to tackle study of themes”. An analysis of alienation in Maru.


Contextual information

Leon Marshall, “Busmen driven from ancestral homes in Botswana”. Recent National Geographic news article about the San people’s ongoing struggle for political rights and land in Botswana.

Neil Parsons, “A brief history of Botswana”.


Postcolonial literature and theory

The Postcolonial Web. Authors, theory, links, etc.

Postcolonial Studies website. Emory University.

John Lye, “Some issues in postcolonial theory”. Brock University.