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* Daniel's photographs *

1. Armando, Andrzej, Ioana, Ana Maria, Laszlo, Chusak, Erminio, Neil, Daniel and Wessam at Berkley, with Saldivar

2. View over the bay near San Francisco

3. Abou, Salah, Ioana, Hope, Wessam and Tom at Ocean Beach in San Francisco

4. Michael, Ana Maria and Daniel near the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco

5. Neil on Twin Peaks in San Francisco

6. Center Hall, University of Louisville

7. Neil, Erminio, Laszlo and Armando waiting for a taxi outside the Speed Art Museum in Louisville

* Ioana's photographs *

1. Wessam, Hope, Tom, Andrzej, Gisele, lurking in the gloom

* Erminio's photographs *

1. Neil and Wessam

2. Chicago building

3. Ana Maria, Neil and Laszlo